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Group Cereal Biotechnlogy  
Group Cereal Biotechnlogy

Rice and Wheat both contribute a major share to human diet and are grown in different continents. For many of the world’s poorer populations, these are often the sole available source for daily caloric energy and therefore, also for micronutrients. In Asia, around 3 billion people depend on rice for 35–59% of their energy and in many other developing countries, the dietary contributions of rice are substantially higher. In light of the growing population, widespread malnutrition and biotic and abiotic stresses that increasingly threaten production of enough cereal grains, it is critically important to develop varieties that maintain good grain quality and high yield under adverse conditions. We are working on improving both rice and wheat grains for their nutritional qualities as well as on understanding the molecular processes that play a key role in protecting these crops against biotic and abiotic stresses (for details, see projects below).

Biofortification of cereal grains

Spatiotemporal expression profiling of developing rice grains

Molecular understanding of iron and zinc deficiency responses

Identification of novel rice blast resistance sources

Understanding  the molecular processes controlling drought tolerance in rice

Current team members:

Dr. Navreet Bhullar (Group Leader)
Simrat Pal Singh (PhD student)
Kumar Vasudevan (PhD student)
Kulaporn Boonyaves (PhD student)
Meng Wang (PhD student)
Ting-Ying Wu (PhD student)
Komal Jhala (PhD student)

Former team members:

Post-doc: Jassmine Zorrilla
Jonghwa Park
Master thesis:
Renato Guidon
Bachelor thesis:
Isabell Janack, Pina Fritz
Semester project:
Gina Melchner, Danai Gkizi, Sebastian Oddsson, Salvatore Accardo, Melanie Abt, Raphael Iselin

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